Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Draper Days Parade and Carnival

We're too sexy for our shades! The boys went to the carnival that night and this is what they came back with.
It's such a fun tradition...All the kids have their bags for collecting candy. It's really what the parade is all about. This was our first year without Dad and Jordan here. (still at scout camp). Matt had to take the four-wheeler down and find us a spot.

Emma C and Kaela (and Emma's crazy dad in the background)
Um, I think that stroller is a little small for you Riley and Matt!
I think it got a little too loud for Emma once in a while.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kaela's 8th Birthday

Cute Kaela. She is such a giving girl. We love her sooooooo much! She is one of those Mother Theresa's in the making. She is always doing nice things for people. She is either giving money to a beggar on the street, making a card for her sick primary teacher, wanting to buy someone in the family a nice birthday present (with her own money), or making a new friend out of a total stranger on the beach (child stranger mind you). She is a sweet, generous, loving little girl! Happy Birthday Kaela. We love you!!!
For her birthday meal, she wanted to go to IHOP. Wow, what a treat! She wanted to eat breakfast there and then go back for the kids eat free special after 4. Some how I convinced her that it's really just a breakfast place so we didn't have to go back for round two.
She also wanted the family birthday activity to be a trip to Cowabunga Bay. Dad and Jordan were at scout camp, and Matt had heard it was lame, so just us girls went. The lazy river was fun, but the slides were freezing. For all the money that place charges, you'd think they'd heat the water a little bit. I couldn't even convince Emma to go on a slide. Too bad. We'll have to go to Seven Peaks next time. At least we can say, "been there, done that" when it comes to Cowabunga!
I love this pic of Kaela thanking Matt for his gift. This is exactly what happens everytime the girls try to hug their brothers. "The Brothers" as Emma would put it. Jordan is getting a little better, but Matt, well, his face says it all.
Anna and Kaela still manage to share the love once in a while. Oh I miss how they used to be best friends. That will come back again after the clothes wars years, won't it?!
Darling Jordan picked out some shells and a vase for Kaela's shell collection. She loved it.
The sewing machine....a world of fun awaits her! She is my Craft Queen.
The Oreo Cold Stone cake. Yum yum!
The best part of the cake, right? Emma can't wait for her birthday now!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's Sunday and Anna and I are just fooling around with the Blog tools. We'll see what happens.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fourth of July at Springdell

Every year we go down to my Mom's to celebrate the Fourth. We paintball, run the river, play in the pond, have water fights, and eat. We have a big breakfast and then a big dinner. The Moms usually head to the Freedom Festival Craft Fair and the Dads take the kids down the river. We do a lot of hanging out underneath the gorgeous Springdell trees. It's the best!

The boys were not afraid of that ice cold water.

There were some pretty sweet moves on the rope.

Grandma B and Anna

Doing some of that hanging out

Kirk launching his potatoe rocket

Elena and Anna

Even Wagna got in on the water fight

Emma was showing off her letter skills

Jenny took Emma for a ride.

Thanks Jenny!

Getting the balloons ready

Emma liked those frosting coated 4th of July cupcakes.

Anna and Elena made pets of their balloons.

Kaela really enjoyed the water balloon fight!

Fun Times with Friends

Kaeal and Emma

Bree, Anna, and Cambria

Sarah, Anna, and Addison being crazy

Ahievement Days Daddy Daughter Date

The Hoedown was at the Ashton's house. There was square dancing, horseback rides, and a fire. Anna and Kaela had a great time with Dad. They didn't even mind sharing him as a dance partner.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lake Powell-House Boat Style

Getting ready to leave Antelope Marina

Dad bringing a wave runner out

The greeting squad-they were hungry and ready for us to get there. Thanks for saving the spot guys.

Dad and Kinnon were wiped out from loading the trucks, loading the boat, and finding our spot!

Too tired to smile.

Brock, Rhet, and Jordan fishing off the top of the house boat. Rhet was our designated fisherman.

Emma loved the sand until she discovered the slide.

Jordan and Perry taking out the wave runners

Kaela in the hot tub. The hot tub was quite a hit with the little kids. So much so that the rest of us didn't want to get near it.

Emma and the other girls loved the slide. They played on it for hours.

Matt liked jumping off the houseboat.

Cambria, Anna, Jessa, and McCall

Ever catching Catfish

When the Mayers came out for the day, we couldn't get enough of baby Phillip. Lucky Julie got some good snuggling time.

The wind and rain brought all the girls in off the top of the houseboat. We were wall to wall bodies.

Perry was so tired he didn't seem to care where he slept. Matt didn't seem to care either.

The older boys were all about their bachelor pad upstairs.

Blokus was a favorite game.

Kaela's hair got a little wind blown!

Emma loved to ride on Sandlin's boat. It had this magical affect on her.

Jessa, Anna, and Cambria going out for their first run on Mable

Kaela and Ellie getting in on the Blokus fun

Emma's imagination corner. We just couldn't keep those oreos away from her. Who taught her to twist, turn, and lick the middles out anyway?
Kaela, Bridger, Perry, and Matt looking for lizards
Alex "the Claw" Killpack. Emma couldn't get enough!
Cambria, Anna, and Jessa enjoying the ride to Rainbow Bridge

That's quite the beard there T-bone. We'll just call you Salt N Pepper.

All the gang at Rainbow Bridge

Emma was tired from the walk.

The boys getting some rays on the way home from Rainbow Bridge

Kinnon was a great captain!

We stopped for some cliff diving on the way back to the houseboat. Here's Kaela ready to make a splash.

Jordan helping Emma learn how to cliff jump. She was not afraid.

Jordan made it look so easy!

It's a miracle, Matt actually smiled for a picture. He's pretty much at that "Mom, don't take my picture stage"

It was actually a double rainbow and it was so pretty!

Kaela and Bridger on the tube. Her knees and face got pretty beaten up after 3 hours.

Back at Antelope Marina. Bye Bye Houseboat!

Troy being his usual crazy self

Loading the trucks for home

Kenzie was so cute with the kids. She helped entertain them while we got everything off the boat.

Saying good bye to a super fun week. Matt was a little less than happy. We had just put lotion on his wind dried face and it stung pretty bad. Benson, Rhet and Jordan were so cooperative with my never ending photos. Thanks guys! Your Mom's will be so grateful.

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.

- George Moore