Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Resolution Time

Usually a New Year's Resolution includes some form of diet or exercise plan, right? Well, how about a travel plan? Here are some places I'd like to go. Now, I've just got to figure out how to make it happen. Any one know of a good airlines to work for from home? They have to fly international or what's the point.
Cancun (can you believe Troy and I have never been there!?)
France China

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Every Christmas Eve we spend with Troy's side. Grandma Linda, being the decorator that she is, decorates the tables very festive. The menu changes a little from year to year, but some of the regulars are stuffed mushrooms, twice baked potatoes, creamed corn, Amy's apple desert, and Grandma's peppermint icecream lit on fire. We never got to the ice cream this year though. Troy was sick with Strep so we called it a night at 8.
Boston and Cole were little artists.
Troy and his sister Tami enjoying the feast.
Baby Lydia eating her grammies.
The kid table minus Anna who was down in her room asleep.
The adult table minus a few. Mark was sporting his new comb-over doo.
Kaela, Zane, and Jackson being crazy. They're the crazy 8s.
The dinner rolls from my neighbor were a hit. You've got to have good rolls!
The crazy Bench Brothers...Auston and
After dinner we sat around and talked
Amy is a few months pregnant with boy number 4.
Matt and Sherrell looking festive in their Christmas shirts.
Anna finally woke up. She was happy to see Dad, but sad she had missed the dinner with everyone.
Not sure what these two crazy 8s are doing.
Loving my girl...Anna Banana
The Nativity. It's a must and the kids really look forward to it. Auston kept asking when we were going to do " that Jesus show"
Kaela made a good Mary. She struck some kind of deal with Emma so that she could be Mary again (her second year in a row). It could have had something to do with Baby Lydia being Jesus.
Grandma Linda handing out the loot.
All the girls. Sorry Kaela about you looking cross-eyed. It was just the best pic of everyone.
All the boys. Auston wouldn't be Auston if he wasn't pulling a face!
The kids with Grandma and Grandpa.
Sporting the new pjs. The boys' sweats were some skinny leg version and we all got a good laugh watching them try them on. We didn't hesitate returning them and getting the awesome $5 specials from Kmart.
Emma wanted to give us her present Christmas Eve.
Love it! These are the best presents of all. I keep every last one of them and love to pull them out each year and smile as I remember the days.
Some of the girls' favorite gifts this year were furry friends. The Zhu Zhu Pets were especially fun.

Dad liked the Blue Ray.
Having a Zhu Zhu fest.
Christmas day night we always go down to Grandma Barbara's. She spoils the kids with fun treats and movies of their own.

Cheetos are one of Emma's favorite treats.
We love you Mom!
Emma loved her swimming dog from Santa so much that she had to take it to Grandmas.
She even got to take a bath with it later that night. I think her wishes all came true!

After Christmas Fun!

Matt gave Kaela a ginger bread house kit for Christmas. He had seen one at the craft store and knew that she would love it. She did.
Looks good enough to eat! I think Emma has tried a few times too!
Grandma Barbara's Christmas party is always after Christmas. This year we went up to the game lodge at Aspen Grove. The sledding was a hit with the littler kids, while the older kids spent the day on the slopes at Sundance.

Cousin Robert sledding with us until the boys came back from Sundance.
Pure sledding joy!

Wipe out!
Emma loved every minute of it. At least until we got a face-full on the last run of the night.
The skiers/snowboarders came back hungry.
Me and my sis. Love you Carolyn!
We loved loved loved the ping pong tables. That is definitely the next toy we buy for the house. Anna got to where she could play pretty good. Kaela had kind of a rough start, but figured it out in the end.
Matt and Rob. Matt sporting his $5 Kmart specials.
Troy is so cute with Emma. He always takes time to play with her. It was a fun place and definitely somewhere we'll go back to.

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.

- George Moore