Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Draper Temple Celebration

Kellen, Perry, and Matt all ready for the big night. Hours and hours of practicing were about to pay off.

Matt and Jenna Davies were partners for the dance. (Big surprise!)

Jordan and Chelsea Katchner were dancing partners.

The Young Men Young Women leaders were so great. They fed all the kids before leaving for the conference center.

My little soldiers. Hopefully this is the only time they have to wear these kind of uniforms.

Corner Canyon 4th ward youth. Draper Temple Celebration. May 29, 2009. Pic taken infront of Fred and Ashley Sheffner's home.

Draper Elementary Anual 5K

The speed demons! Perry and Chase came in 3rd and Matt was right on their heels.

Keala and Anna both put in a pretty good effort. They were both there to run. No socializing for them during the race.

We lost Emma for a minute, but then, luckily, found her. Isn't that a pretty back drop. Oh, how we love these Utah mountains!

The sun was a little bright for Kaela that morning.

Nothing like a run in the sun!

Emma only wanted a popsicle from Julie Sandlin. No one elses would do. Thanks Julie!

Bridger and Emma, loving those popsicles!

Stacy, you finally made it to my blog. Man, we must be really good friends now!

Anna and good friend Maddie (center). We love Maddie!

Kaela and Emma Ware. Sun still too bright Kaela?

Emma's Last Day of 3-Year Old Preschool

Emma has had the cutest preschool teachers ever!! Ms Sue, Ms Darcie, and Ms Natalie you have been awesome. Emma loved every minute of her time with you and the frog princess. Thanks for loving her and teaching her so much! Emma always says, "Ms Sue says that we have to hold our Mom's hand", when we are walking through the parking lot. Thank you Ms Sue.

Memorial Day

We always love to barbeque, but especially on holidays and with friends! Perry, Matt, Chase, and Walker were digging in.
Kaela was waiting for her turn to drive the 4-wheeler--her new found favorite hobby.

Dad was teaching Bridger how to drive.

Emma fell asleep after a couple hours at the pool. Looks like I needed to pull out the sunscreen a little sooner.
Dad and the girls taking a neighborhood tour--Taiwan style!

Matt wanted in on the fun too.

Anna testing her driving skills

Jordan finally came home. Glad I could sneak a pic!

Matt's 6th Grade Lip Sync

The "can't touch this" crew. As tradition would have it, the 6th graders at Draper Elementary put on a fabulous lip sync performance! Easton Price, Kellen Westra, Chandler Salazar, and Matt all shook their booties to the tune of MC Hammer, Can't Touch This. Loved their outthere outfits!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Princess Day at Super Start Preschool

Emma loved and still loves her new found princess dress. We've even put it in the jammie drawer since she likes it so well. She also really liked the magic wand her teachers helped her make. Sure, a candy filled wand, who wouldn't love it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy Hair and Hat Day

This week was spirit week for the kids at the elementary. I'm usually pretty good about snapping pics on all the fun days, but some how all but this one escaped me.

Here's Anna's beginning and end.

Kaela's hairdo was some version of a pineapple, so she tells me.

Matt borrowed Jordan's blingy LA hat (the one we hope he never wears for real.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dinner with Dad's side--Baby Lydia

Darling baby Lydia at about 1 month old.Isn't it amazing how little babies bring such joy to life!

Amy rescuing Cole from underneath the tramp.

Annna and Lydia

Tami and Matt

Mark showing off his rugby wound

Whitney, Jodi, Anna and Lydia

Dad taking Mark's bike for a spin. Hot stuff!

Kaela and Lydia

Jodi and Boston (the proud big brother)
Emma and Lydia

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day

Troy barbequed a feast for us.

Reading Kaela's letter to me. I love Mother's Day letters!

Me and Matt

Emma felt bad because she didn't have anything for me (she had already given me the things she made at preschool), so Dad helped her out.

Anna made me the funnest folding card and flower pen. Thanks Anna!

Looks like Jdog got a little help from Dad too! His card was sweet though. He always thanks me for making him breakfast.

Cute Kaela, has the kindest heart!

Tbone is always full of surprises.

Love you, Honey!

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.

- George Moore