Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The J-Dog's Birthday

Jordan turned 14 today! He is an amazing kid! We love you Jord.

Grandma B came with her bag of goodies, which the kids always love.

Our "cousin" Cam was over to enjoy the celebration with us.

Emma loves her Grandma B and so do we!

Kaela's present to Jord was a homemade card with a balloon on it and $5 inside.

Anna's made him a card too, and gave him a little more cash for his stash.

Grandma S and Grandpa J came for birthday cake. Their card was stuffed with greens, as usual. The kids' faces always light up when they see it.

On my day of 3 lacrosse games, 2 volleyball games and 1 dance competition (plus Troy was out of town) I forgot to get the birthday candles, so we had to settle for a popsickle stick instead. It was perfect, though, for the boy that has always loved fire! It smelt good too!

The gang singing him the song!! Matt was missing in-action that day. He'd decided that he'd rather go to his room than help with dinner and clean up.

By the way, his shirt says "united" in Greek. It's the Alta lacrosse shirt for 2009.

Emma decided to take the documenting into her own hands. It's nice to have proof that I'm part of the family. It's easy to forget who's behind the camera.

Grandma S loves the little ones. She spent over an hour looking through scrapbooks with the kids. They love that kind of attention. Thanks Grandma S!

Birthday Boy! What a handsome brute!! Nice smile too!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jordan's Lunchtime Birthday Surprise

Jord wasn't so sure about all those balloons in the cafeteria.

I think he was kind of embarrassed, but was a good sport anyway.

At least the Big Daddy's Garlic Chicken Pizza was good. Thanks for puting up with me Jord.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Neighborhood Fun

Chatting on our porch. Terilee looks as good as ever!

Kinnon planning the YM/YW fundraiser bash

Adam Gleason giving Kaela, myself (still in my running clothes) & Anna a ride around the block
Julie Sandlin looking like the Wyoming girl she is

Miss Draper, oh, I mean Kaela, loving every minute of it

Troy's always hamming it up. He's so fun!

The kids racing Julie Sandlin on the Rhino

Troy thought Kinnon's dirt bike was pretty cool. So did Robyn Price (too bad I didn't get a pic of her on it!)

Anna, Bridger, Emma, Ellie, Griffin, Jessa, Ireland, & Keaton

The Sandlins are always sharing their toys

Matt & Perry and their buds raced around the block. We had to remind them of the speed limit

I took a turn driving the Rhino. Hold on for dear life!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Co-ed Volleyball

Here's Jordan's team (minus Tyson). Nice shirts guys!

Sweet serve Jord. At least I got him smiling!

Matt is playing co-ed volleyball too. Here's him and a few of his buds.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anna 4th grade Utah Program

Anna's part in the program was "Miss Utah". We altered a dress from a wedding last year for her to wear. Just wish I could have been there to do her hair. Dad did pretty dang good getting there and taking pictures.
He was a super "Mr. Mom" that week!

Looks like she's got the wave down.

Easter With Out Me

Dad was holding down the fort while I was in Hawaii. He did a great job and the kids seemed to have a fun Easter. He was even so kind as to take some pics for me. Here are some of them.

Not sure why Matt wasn't dressed for the occassion.

The girls' new Easter dresses. I was told skirts this year.
"No dresses", Anna said.
Just wish I could have been there to do their hair.

Love this pic! Great backdrop for the pic Dad.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hawaiian Style

Who could pass up a trip to Hawaii. Not me, as you all well know. My friend Robyn was going to visit her daughter in Hawaii and asked if I'd like to tag along. As the following pics reveal, we had a wonderful time on Oahu. Love it. Miss it. Couldn't get enough of it!!

We thought we were surprising cute Kalli, but later found out, she knew all along. She did a pretty good job of acting surprised though! Thanks to Katie and Kass, her roommates, she was home when we got there.

The three Punaluu girls at China mans hats.

These mountains are what Hawaii is all about.

There's just nothing like Waikiki on a sunny day!

Of course, we couldn't pass up breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe.

Didn't ever make it snorkeling at Shark's cove, but did manage to get an Acai Bowl across the street from it. Aren't vacations really all about food?!

Shopping in Haleiwa is always a treat. We loved the food at Haleiwa Eats. Can't believe I had never eaten there before. Thanks Punaluu Girls for taken us there. Would love some of that coconut rice about now.

The girls took us to Turtle Bay for a little beach volleyball and what I guess is called Acro-yoga. Way to master it Kass!

Ted's Bakery was so good we had to go there twice. The blueberry muffins were a fav and the doughnuts of course (took some of those home to the fam), but we never got the chocolate haupia pie that they're famous for. Guess we'll have to go back!

The girls also took us to Duke's where he had some good grub and watched a bunch of beer drinking fools. Still not quite sure what that guy was doing setting his beer on our table.

Easter Sunday-it was fun to be with the girls. We went to church and then came back and had a nice Easter dinner. Robyn had brought her homemade orange bread all the way from Utah.

Sign us up for the next photo shoot! But really, the trees made an awesome backdrop. They were so cool.

This is why they're called the Rainbow Islands!

Robyn was bent on getting a pic of a surfer. It was a beautiful sunset at Pipline and she finally got her pic.

Couldn't forget my man while I was there. He was home being Dad, Mom, and everything else under the sun (well, actually, I was under the sun, he was under the roof of our home!)

It just wouldn't be right to not get a Matumotos Shave Ice would it.

The last day of our trip was spent on the beach at Waiamea. It was the perfect day. Lots of sun. Low tide so we could jump off the rock, but still plenty of waves so that Robyn could get a good taste of body surfing (oh, I mean slamming!) There's just nowhere like Waiamea!!!

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.

- George Moore