Monday, August 24, 2009

Girls Trip to Jackson

I hadn't been to Jackson Hole for over 15 years, so when my friend Robyn and her friend (now my friend too) Angie Bleochel invited me to go on their girl trip there, I was thrilled. Angie took her little boy Boston, Robyn took Savi, I took Kaela, and Lacee came stag. We stayed at Angie's parent's cabin up there. It was beautiful and so fun!!

The view from the kitchen window.
Boston. What a doll!
It was Kaela's first time fishing. Thanks Angie for showing her the ropes.
We just couldn't get anything to bite.
Angie helped the girls paint rocks. It was quite the hit and they brought home so many fun and colorful creations.
We enjoyed reading while the girls were painting.
Robyn and Savi being crazy monkeys
Everyone but Boston slept up in the loft. Even though the water was cold, Kaela and Savi had a good time in the river.
Baby Boston had a good time too!
We loved this joint. Their hot turkey sandwiches are scrumptious!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tea Party

Tea Parties with Aunty Letty are the best. She brings her bags of goodies, scarfs and hats, and we all have a blast.
A tea party just wouldn't be a tea party with out a hat!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Frog Fest!

This week's adventure was the junk/fish stand. Hannah and Kaela started out selling odds and ends from Keala's room. Some where along the way, they got the idea to sell fish and frogs from the pet store. Being the nice mom that I am, I took them to Petco to get some critters. The frogs they wanted ended up being more money than they thought, so Kaela just got one for her self. The 13 cent gold fish would be in at Petco on Friday so they decided to come back for them then. But, until then, we had a new pet to care for. We went home, ready to set up the frogs new abode, and were surprised to find 20 anxious frog owners waiting in line on our driveway. They were sadly dissapointed to learn that we only had one frog and it wasn't for sale.
Some of the future frog owners stuck around to see Kaela's cool spotted fire belly frog.
Friday finally came and the gold fish were a hit. Hannah ended up getting a spotted fire belly frog herself and she and Keala decided their frogs would marry. Matt got a fire belly as well and they all lived happily in the big plastic box out in the garage until Peyton, the neighbor boy, decided to take the frogs for himself. The kids recovered them three times and after the third time they couldn't find Hannah's frog. Distraught. Hannah and the girls made "Lost" signs for the frog who's real name is Max, but to keep his identity confidential, they called him Buddy.
Here's the girls with one of the signs. They put up 5or 6 of them all over the neighborhood.
So funny!!

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.

- George Moore