Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I just have to confess!! I am in love with Target! While everyone is wooing over Edward, David Archuleta, John Mayer (Teralee), and okay, sometimes I woo over Bret Favre, but I am in love with Target. There is just no place like it. You can find everything under the sun at Target!!
It's one of those end all stores. I get the cutest shoes there for my girls, not to mention, swimsuits, sportsbras (the best), room decor, holiday surprises (have you seen there dollar section?), and even clothes for me. I have been looking for skirts all over the place, and low and behold I found a cute denim one at Target.

It's just the best place. It opens early and closes late. The perfect place when you have an hour or two or three to kill. It's clean, classy, and just feels good! I can think of many times when I just had to get out of the house and Target was where I headed.
Okay, so now you know. My love affair is out. Ask any of my kids what my favorite store is, they'll say, "Target." I even love You can find even more stuff there than you can at the store. It's so great too! You can shop at home, figure out what you need, order it or go pick it up at one of the stores close by. Then, if you order something and it isn't quite right, you just take it back to one of the stores.

Now returns, that's a whole other wonderful thing. You don't even need a receipt. They can just look your purchase up on your card and then put the credit back on your card. And with so many receipts floating around my purse, it's heaven sent! Oh, if only other stores could be just like Target!

No, I was not paid any commission to write this blog.

Girl Time

Sometimes when Dad and the boys are off on scouting adventures, we have a little "GNO" (girls night out.) Everthing from getting the girls' ears pierced, going to movies, eating chocolate fondu at Zupas, shopping at the mall, singing girl tunes in the car, snuggling on my bed, and tea parties at Dear Lizzy's. We love it all. Every girl's got to have her girl time!! The food at Dear Lizzy's is the best! We loved every bite!!
Anna loved the brownie, eclaire, bedazzling jewelry, and fairy dust!
Kaela loved the jewelry as well as her beautifully decorated doughnut!
Emma was all about the brownie (she didn't want to share) and her new lip gloss ring!

The brownie was worth every caloric ridden bite!! And I would do it again next week!! Thanks girls!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Troy got home tonight from a 3 day trip to Colorado Springs, where he went for a conference. It was so fun to have Matt come running downstairs to tell us Dad was home, and then watch the girls run upstairs to greet him. It was fun to see his face again. He looked young! I swear he never ages!

So, tonights blog is about traveling. I say sorry to all the people out there who have to travel for work. Troy hates it, is miserable doing it, and is always so happy to be home.

I, on the other hand get to stay here in the comforts of home, and take care of my brood. That brood (5 shining little faces) is growing up, and having a little "Mom/Kids" time is pretty great once in a while. I don't know why it takes Dad being away to get me to really hangout with the kids like that, but there is definitely something to it. It think it's because, first, and foremost, I am a wife. When Troy is home, I want to be with him, talk to him, go out to eat with him, and just spend time with him. When he's gone, I'm first and foremost, a mom! I want to be with the kids: play with them, shop with them, go out to eat with them, and just hangout with them. It's great! They love it and I love it.

So, I guess, traveling has it's benefits. One, it helps pay the bills. Two, it proves the phrase "absence makes the heart grow founder" to be true. And, three, it gets mom to spend wonderful, quality time with her kids-time that will never be forgotten.

All About Matt

Matt had his DARE graduation this week.
A former Miss Utah, Heather Anderson, spoke on saying "NO" to drugs. She told about how her little brother was a cool kid in high school, but he made the mistake of saying yes to alcohol. Then, in college he said yes to prescription drugs and eventually cocaine. He died from an overdose. She said that one of her main purposes in running for Miss Utah was so that she could tell people to say no to drugs! She was a great speaker and such a talented girl! Loved her!!

Matt getting his DARE
graduation certificate.
He was pretty pumped
to see Miss Utah.

Matt got a Principal's Pride award for his artwork. The vase behind him is what he got the award for.

Emma's First Webkin

Emma got her first Webkin from her friend Megan. She loooooves it! It's name is snowflake.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jones Family Christmas Party at Soldier Hollow

Me and my girls. We always have so much fun at this party, but this year is was so cold that we only went down the hill a couple of times. We opted for staying in the lodge, eating chilli, and playing with the cousins.

There are a lot of boy cousins and they love hanging out together! Jane and Maria don't mind it too much.

Dad, being himself!

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.

- George Moore