Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slow to Post

It's been a while since my last post. The summer flew by, as it always does, filled with sports camps, boys camps, girls camps, Treks, hikes, swims, etc. It was all very fun, but very short. We need more summer in our lives! Oh, how I love the days of summer. I'm really a summer girl, at heart. I love those warm summer days, laying on a blanket beneath a tree, watching the leaves blow in the breeze. I love being so hot that it actually feels good to swim in a cold lake. I love going for runs early in the morning, with the sun already up.
Now, the days are getting shorter. The weather is getting cold. We may even get our first snow this week. I can't really complain, though. It has been a beautiful Fall. The weather has been perfect up until now--cool, dry, with colors beyond belief! The colors have been breathtaking this year. The other morning, as I was running down Fort Street, I was awestruck by the colors. I wanted to just keep running. Too bad I was tired and had my life to get back to. I love that "getting lost in the run" feeling! Fall is one of those things you can never get enough of, this year especially.
So, here are a few pics from the last few months...highlights.

Football...Troy coaching Matt again. Matt playing Quarterback and Wide Reciever.

Anna's first time playing volleyball. Playing in DimpleDell's Rec League with friends Jessa and Savi.

Priesthood night.
Emma's unusual pet--Peep (Pig and Sheep mixed)
Family time at Springdell

Grandma always makes birthdays special

My Dad's memorial.
Emma's Birthday party
Emma's primary party at Pecks

Anna at a football scrimmage

Emma's first day of Kindergarten. Big girl!

Skelanimals were the summer trend amongst these girls and their friends
The flood...a lot of water came in the window.

Jordan's first time on Trek
Kaela's birthday
Draper parade
Kaela's first pedicure (birthday treat)
The favorite four
Matt riding the four-wheeler to Jordans

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